Location and tracking of vehicles

Every company feels the need to offer and continuously improve services to its customers. Any company wants to know and understand its needs and at the same time be productive and efficient. Customers expect more and more service and faster and better delivery. Fleet optimisation will therefore increase the efficiency of all processes involving vehicles.

Locating and tracking vehicles improves the process. Real-time information is obtained on the vehicles and their working environment. This service will help your company meet demand and improve customer relations. It will increase your level of satisfaction, improve business management and reduce costs.

In addition to:

  • Improve safety by promoting safer driving habits. And in case of emergency, roadside assistance can be sent to help the driver.
  • Reduced fuel costs.
  • Improved planning to determine which routes are efficient and which are not. And thus increase productivity. 

Don’t doubt it. Easily control and monitor the movement of your company’s fleet of vehicles. Locate at the moment, review routes, control the exits of the same zone and all this with the solution that best suits your company and your needs.

More and more companies are using technological advances to control the work of their employees and their fleets. If you want to know the exact position of your vehicle at any given time, this is your solution. Locate your vehicle in real time and download your route to visualize it in Google Earth. Controls of entries and exits of zone, of excess of speed, of time of stops… Everything with a tool with an easy system and operation.

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