Operators control

Where are they? Have they visited all the clients they had for today? Will they be working from the beginning of their day? How much time do they spend assisting each client? Can I optimize the routes they make if I know where they make the transfers?

If you have ever asked any or all of these questions, let us give you the solution. A solution that adapts to your company, but above all to your needs. A way to check that all your operators comply with the task assigned, with the route established. That is to say, that they comply with the different clients and with the time stipulated for it.

Through the operator control system, you will have a complete vision of the human resources used, the tasks that are carried out, the routes, productivity… and in this way you will achieve:

  • To have a real control of the hours invested in each work and route. The objective of this control is to increase the productivity of your company by identifying activities that may delay production.
  • It will also facilitate errors in production and routes. With the operator control system we will know when a worker has been working and when he has stopped.

With all this information, you will be able to carry out an adequate daily planning to guarantee the maximum productivity of the workers. Assign jobs to the different operators, distribute hours and obtain complete reports. A way to keep everything under control. But above all, a system for perfect management, planning and control in real time. Both for employees who work in the center itself and those who visit customers. A system that guarantees the proof that a worker has fulfilled his task: he has visited the client, he has performed his work correctly, within the set time. No need for the customer or the company to be present to control.

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