Rounds control

Do you want and need to control your workers and operators accurately and reliably? In large environments, where the surveillance of security personnel on foot is essential, cleaning personnel … it is necessary to have a control of rounds. A system that allows the organization, supervision and monitoring of the tasks in an easy and simple way. In order to have under control the route of the workers. Know the date, place and exact time of the round. And check that a worker has performed the tasks in all the points that the company has marked.

The fact of hiring a specific operator for a specific job, does not guarantee that the work is carried out correctly. There may be areas that are not passed through, either through carelessness, negligence or for any other reason. That’s why it’s important to bet on a rounds control system. A system to control the rounds carried out by your operators, generate patterns, configure any characteristic of your rounds and obtain complete reports. Without having to be present.

Configure the work centre and don’t worry. As long as your employees work the shift within the parameters you have set, everything will be fine. If this is not the case, our web platform VIGILANT will notify you of any anomalies, incidents, etc. And when they finish, you will have workorders ready to file and without the need for cumbersome paper.

Watchmen, cleaning personnel, guards or any other worker. If you want to keep track and check that your employees meet the tasks, at the time and date set, the route …then  rounds control systems will be the most appropriate choice. Control the rounds made by your operators, generate patterns, configure any feature of your rounds and get complete reports.

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