Easy Reader, the alternative to the mobile phone

You have a cleaning company and you want and need to have greater control over clients, manage possible incidents that may arise in a productive way, dedicate your time to attracting new clients, improve productivity, reduce costs, increase the benefits of your business... but also have control of the hours that your displaced operators perform and whether or not they comply with the established tasks.

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Biometric Clocking terminal, the peace of mind of having everything under control

One element that distinguishes companies that work from those that work very well is the efficient and intelligent management of their resources, both human and material. In order to [...]

Do you want and need to keep track of your workers and operators’ rounds accurately and reliably?

In large environments, where the surveillance of security personnel on foot is essential, cleaning personnel... it is necessary to have round control. A system that allows the organization, supervision and monitoring of tasks in an easy and simple way. In order to have under control the route of the workers. Know the date, place and exact time of the round. And check that a worker has performed the tasks in all the points that the company has marked.

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The chip crisis

A fierce competition between the various manufacturers has accustomed us to a permanent evolution of the capabilities of the components. Increasingly powerful, with lower consumption and at a lower price. This has allowed us to implement technologies that allow us, among other things, to connect devices wirelessly, provide computing capacity and artificial intelligence to machines, effectively manage the electric motors of vehicles, efficiently use low-consumption LED lighting, and many more things. But suddenly, the basis of this market and the availability of these components globally at low prices has disappeared.

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Problems with time control in teleworking?

The registration and time control of the personnel is vital for a correct management of the employee. For this reason, many employers wonder how to maintain and guarantee the registration and control of attendance of employees during teleworking.

We keep innovating: planning and tasks app

There is nothing like being in control of everything. Especially if we talk about your company. A good leader has to be able to organize and plan the tasks of his employees and check that they meet the objectives set. A way to ensure that you are making the most of the human and material resources available to your company and thus achieve optimal productivity.

The odyssey of cleaning companies in time control

You have a cleaning company. You have a dozen, a hundred ... of displaced workers in different houses, offices and other places and you don't have any kind of control over them. You do not know if they comply with the established tasks, with the time control, with the times ... and if there is no system that digitizes everything, it is impossible to keep track. Signature papers can be lost, so this is not a solution to your problem. And all this can affect the reputation of your company. At any time, your clients can complain and it will be up to you to invest time in solving these questions.

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Why have time control software?

Most companies have had to adapt to many changes in a short time. For just over a year, the time control of employees, or what is known as signing at work, has been mandatory in Spain since May 2019. This is stated by the BOE and since March 2019 companies had two months to adapt to this new measure and implement the time control record.

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Delete the cleaning service signature paper!

There is something we can all agree on: our habits, our daily lives, our way of relating, our behaviour ... they have changed. Nothing is the same since the beginning of 2020. The health crisis, in which we are immersed, has forced us to change and adapt to the new normality. A new normality full of measures and obligations that we must adopt to fight Covid-19. There have been many changes. We are adapting little by little and there are actions that we already carry out with total normality. The QR code is one of them.

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Vigilant Time & Attendance control suite is now using facial biometric recognition

It may look at first sight, like facial biometric recognition is a futuristic technology. And always typical from Science Fiction films. But this is not the real state of [...]

BIOMETRIC CLOCKING TERMINAL | Automatic Type-C UV Disinfection

Surely we have all already seen a multitude of systems that promise to disinfect all types of environments against Covid-19, especially when we talk about time controls such as the Biometric Clocking. And one of these technologies is Ultraviolet Rays. We are going to try to clarify what this consists of and what are the hoaxes that will try to strain us

What should you take into account when implementing a time control software?

The registration of working hours came into force in May 2019. The Council of Ministers approved a Decree Law in which it obliged employees to sign in both upon entry and exit. Therefore, companies must keep a record of all their employees, regardless of the day they work.

How can I justify to my client the hours worked by my employees?

How can I justify to my client the hours worked by my employees? There are many ways to control the hours worked by employees at the customer's home. It depends a lot on the type of work and the number of employers and workplaces. We cover all options, but ideally we should know the real needs

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Easy reader, control and productivity

VIGILANT manufactures a new reader (Easy reader) that allows the presence control without the need of a smartphone (App). It is an IP66, rugged device, designed for the control of field / itinerant operatives. The reader does not need any kind of activation and it is sufficient to place the unit near to the identification point (NFC tag). Located in the place where we want the presence to be controled and the data is sent in real time to the VIGILANT platform.

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Everybody clock in!

Everybody clock in! To implement a record of working hours. This is the obligation that all companies would have to comply with if the Government finally approves the draft. And all with the aim of preventing unpaid overtime from covering full days, controlling absenteeism and thus ensuring quality jobs.

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A presence control system to improve the results of your company

If your workers usually arrive late, if they take more time than what is stipulated for breakfast, for lunch ... If they make personal arrangements during working hours, If they leave early ... we have the solution! These situations in a timely manner are not going to give you a problem, but it is convenient to control them.

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Easy reader, the comfort of having everything under control

What does an employee do when he is off-site? Does he fulfill his obligations? And with the times? And with the routes? These are questions that many bosses ask themselves. Some feel that their operators do not comply with their functions or with the schedule... It is an obvious problem. That's why all companies have to have time and attendance control. A perfect tool for the management, planning and control in real time of the employees, both those who work in the center itself and the people who are off-site. And one of the star products is, without a doubt, the Easy Reader.

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Time and attendance control, an essential tool

Time and attendance control, an essential tool. An aspect that characterizes well-functioning companies is the efficient and intelligent management of their resources, both human and material. In order to be able to manage human resources with a high probability of a company's success, it is necessary to measure different aspects such as productivity, compliance with schedules, task planning... To facilitate this task, companies have opted for a time and attendance control system, a tool that allows them to control the hours worked and manage and plan the work of their employees.

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VIGILANT IN SICUR 2018. Once again VIGILANT is present in SICUR 2018, the fair that marks the trends and novelties of the sector actively contributing with progress and innovations. VIGILANT CLOUD, A NEW CONCEPT IN THE OPERATIONAL MANAGEMENT OF SERVICES

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