Why have time control software?

Most companies have had to adapt to many changes in a short time. For just over a year, the time control of employees, or what is known as signing at work, has been mandatory in Spain since May 2019. This is stated by the BOE and since March 2019 companies had two months to adapt to this new measure and implement the time control record.

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The odyssey of cleaning companies in time control

You have a cleaning company. You have a dozen, a hundred ... of displaced workers in different houses, offices and other places and you don't have any kind of control over them. You do not know if they comply with the established tasks, with the time control, with the times ... and if there is no system that digitizes everything, it is impossible to keep track. Signature papers can be lost, so this is not a solution to your problem. And all this can affect the reputation of your company. At any time, your clients can complain and it will be up to you to invest time in solving these questions.

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BIOMETRIC CLOCKING TERMINAL | Automatic Type-C UV Disinfection

Surely we have all already seen a multitude of systems that promise to disinfect all types of environments against Covid-19, especially when we talk about time controls such as the Biometric Clocking. And one of these technologies is Ultraviolet Rays. We are going to try to clarify what this consists of and what are the hoaxes that will try to strain us

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