Time and attendance control

How many times has your customer questioned whether your employees have done their job properly because they haven’t seen them? Have you ever doubted whether your employee was asleep, was in the center or just out of the workplace? How can I have all this information correctly and with real data?

With our solutions (time and attendance control), you will be able to demonstrate to your client that the service has been carried out correctly. You will be able to indicate timetables, trips, incidents and even a complete part of the work of each shift and operator.

Betting on a time and attendance control system is a great success. It allows, on the one hand, to control the hours worked in order to manage and plan the tasks of all employees. And to avoid undetected errors of productivity. But it is also a tool that benefits not only the company, but the worker himself and his rights.

You will know at any time where your employees are or have been performing the corresponding services. You can generate reports and have absolute certainty that your company is under control. An element that, without a doubt, distinguishes companies that work well from those that work very well, with an efficient management of their resources.

With more than 20 years of experience in this sector, we know the needs of our customers. This allows us to improve our products. We are manufacturers and we take care of assembling the hardware. We create our own applications for the main companies in the security and services sector. Both in Spain and Portugal. Always using the best technology and innovative designs.

Among all our options, choose the one that best suits your business needs: time control, route control, workers control, time and attendance control, vehicle location and tracking, access control…


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