EASY READER, Time and attendance control with NFC

NFC READER for the control of the operators who are offsite by clients. The Easy reader is an alternative to the mobile phone and allows to keep track of the routes of employees through NFC tags placed on different customers.

Time and Attendance control, the perfect tool for real-time management, planning and control of employees.

After more than 25 years in the sector, in Vigilant we are more than qualified to offer our customers the best products. An experience that has served us to become true experts in the implementation of these services.

We are in charge of assembling the hardware and creating our own applications. We are manufacturers. We control the entire production chain, from manufacture to sale to ensure the highest quality of our products. Thus, we offer our customers a global solution using the latest technologies with unique and innovative designs.

In addition, under the umbrella of time and attendance control, we extend a series of services such as time control, rounds control, operators control, time and attendance control, task control, vehicle location and tracking…

Detailed and complex processes, studied to the smallest detail to give easy solutions to customers.

Choose from all the integral solutions offered by Vigilant the one that best suits your business. Contact us for more information.


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Vigilant products specially designed for each of the solutions we offer. Please contact us for much more information.

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Do you want and need to keep track of your workers and operators’ rounds accurately and reliably?

29 June, 2022|

In large environments, where the surveillance of security personnel on foot is essential, cleaning personnel... it is necessary to have round control. A system that allows the organization, supervision and monitoring of tasks in an easy and simple way. In order to have under control the route of the workers. Know the date, place and exact time of the round. And check that a worker has performed the tasks in all the points that the company has marked.

The chip crisis

29 December, 2021|

A fierce competition between the various manufacturers has accustomed us to a permanent evolution of the capabilities of the components. Increasingly powerful, with lower consumption and at a lower price. This has allowed us to implement technologies that allow us, among other things, to connect devices wirelessly, provide computing capacity and artificial intelligence to machines, effectively manage the electric motors of vehicles, efficiently use low-consumption LED lighting, and many more things. But suddenly, the basis of this market and the availability of these components globally at low prices has disappeared.

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