How you integrated the CRA and Acudas Service with VIGILANT Solutions 

Coessegur - caso éxito

One of the biggest challenges in today’s Security Companies is the Automation and Integration of their Acudas Processes between the CRA and their Time and Attendance Control System. Having the information in real time and in the Cloud, allows a Security Service to be carried out, improving the Quality of the Service Contracted in the End Customer. Eliminating paper in Processes is the other great challenge, as it eliminates administrative tasks and guarantees the reliability of the data. 


Do you want to know how COESSEGUR managed to overcome each of these obstacles and have the Information AUTOMATICALLY and in REAL TIME? 


COESSEGUR S.A., a national security company, has been working in the security sector for more than 35 years,  committed every day to offering a global service that meets the needs of customers. Specialists in  Industrial Consumer Security, we cover services as wide as Electronic, Physical and Patrol Vehicle Security Systems, Preparation of Security Plans, Access Control, Fire Detection and Extinguishing among others. In addition, they offer tailor-made solutions that adapt to your business or home, to ensure maximum security and peace of mind. 


The partnership between COESSEGUR and VIGILANT 

COESSEGUR came to VIGILANT in 2004 with the need to manage and optimize the control of the Presence of its Guards in the Services implemented in its Clients. 


With the need  for the DIGITIZATION of these processes, it incorporated a new figure to the Technology Department, leading the transformation to an AUTOMATED solution in REAL TIME that would allow it to be known that the operators go to the assigned Work Center to comply with the Service committed to the end Customer in a timely manner. The Control of the Acudas, the Starts of Service, the Control of the Rounds and the elimination of paper in the Work Reports were essential, since the reliability of the data and time were key. 

The strategy 

The VIGILANT Cloud Platform solution together with the PROFESSIONAL APP, allowed the Management of Surveillance Rounds, Attendances and Work Reports with Geolocation and with the INTEGRATION FROM THE CRA 

The results 

To have the Management, Integrated with our 

Systems, Rounds, Attendances and work reports, helps us to be more effective in decision-making, improving the Quality of  Customer Service– Manuel Cid, Director at COESSEGUR 


Today, COESSEGUR uses VIGILANT Systems in Services for its customers. A complete information system that allows the Real-Time Control of your Operations and improve Work Processes based on real facts.