In any company, FM services are essential for the smooth running of your operations. However, in Public Administrations (Public Administrations), these services acquire even greater importance due to their direct impact on the lives of citizens. From cleaning and maintenance to monitoring environments and managing tasks in hospitals and catering services, automating these processes is key to ensuring efficiency and quality. 

A complex ecosystem 


The diversity of services and the integration of multiple systems can be significant challenges. In the article, we discuss how the ability to integrate and control these systems under the same criteria is essential for effective management. With the variety of systems on the market, the unification and efficient management of real-time data are crucial for informed decision-making. 

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Simplification Through Technology 


Carlos Saldaña Arjomil, highlights how technology can simplify FM management. By using easy-to-use platforms that integrate FM systems, it is possible to obtain accurate and real-time information on what, who, where, and when tasks are performed. This integration not only helps reduce costs, but also eliminates errors and improves decision-making. 


Our Innovative Solution 


With 30 years of experience in presence and task automation technology, Vigilant has developed adaptable solutions that enable horizontal integration between all services. These solutions not only facilitate FM management, but also ensure the traceability necessary to optimize the service and improve the end customer experience. 



Automating FM time and attendance control is more than an operational improvement; it is a necessity to offer quality and efficient services to citizens. We invite everyone to read the full article on our blog to discover how our solutions are transforming utility management and delivering tangible results. 


Read the full article on our blog and find out: 


  1. The complexity of the ecosystem in the Public Administrations 
  1. How technology simplifies and improves FM management. 
  1. Our innovative and adaptable solution to integrate all services.