It is well known that, in the services provided to third parties, the management of available posted personnel is essential to improve the quality of the service and its profitability.

Human Resources are a fundamental part of this type of Service, the most complex to locate, and the most necessary thing is to know the result of their service provision, seeking compliance and quality without breaking costs.

Cleaning Services – Vigilant

VIGILANT, in its continuous desire to research and improve solutions, now makes the SERVICES APP available to its customers. A solution for COUNTING the passage of PEOPLE, so that, in certain places that require it, they can provide an ad-hoc service to the use that is being given to the room.

limpiezas bajo demanda - vigilant

With this, it will not be necessary to have staff in each room throughout the day. Simply by adapting the workforce to the places and times where the most activity is recorded and, therefore, where resources are most needed.

In addition, it will be beneficial for the company to know the flow behaviors in certain rooms by dates and times, thus allowing personnel and resource planning to be adapted, making decisions based on facts and data.

Likewise, all the information collected by our devices and APPS can be integrated into other ERP systems, thus helping a more productive management.

One more step towards service excellence.