Mandatory. Before March 1, 2021, the training centers that offer CAP courses (Certificate of Professional Aptitude) must have a biometric access control system.

This is reflected in a resolution published by the Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda. Royal Decree 1032/2007, of July 20, which regulates the CAP, modified by Royal Decree 70/2019, of February 15, establishes that driver training centers must have an approved biometric clocking. The objective of this new measure is to verify the actual attendance of the students to the course, both in the theoretical classes in the classroom and in the practical (on board a vehicle).


This means that the training centers must guarantee the registration of each student’s day (the start and end time of the training day). That is, it must be registered:

  • Training Center Identifier

  • Course code

  • Day and time of start and end of the training day

  • Student identification (DNI or foreigner identity number)

These records must be kept for one year and will be made available to the Transportation Inspection Services.

So if you have a training center where you teach CAP courses, this interests you.

Biometric Clocking

Vigilant offers you a solution to adapt to the new regulations for CAP courses. With our biometric logger, the student will be able to identify himself by means of the fingerprint or with NFC.

Simple operation

  • The biometric logger has a built-in sim that sends the information of all check-ins in real time to the web platform without the need for installation or configuration.

  • As simple as plug and play.

  • The same clocker connects to the mobile network and autonomously sends the information on the presence of each worker

Fichador Biométrico - cursos CAP - Vigilant - soluciones

Adáptate a las nuevas medidas publicadas por el Ministerio de Transportes, Movilidad y Agenda Urbana de forma fácil y sencilla.