You have a cleaning company. You have a dozen, a hundred … of displaced workers in different houses, offices and other places and you don’t have any kind of control over them. You do not know if they comply with the established tasks, with the time control, with the times … and if there is no system that digitizes everything, it is impossible to keep track. Signature papers can be lost, so this is not a solution to your problem. And all this can affect the reputation of your company. At any time, your clients can complain and it will be up to you to invest time in solving these questions.

You want (and need):

  • Have more control over customers

  • Manage possible incidents proactively

  • Allocate your time to attracting new customers

  • Improve the productivity of your company making use of new technologies

  • Reduce costs

  • Increase the profits of your company …

And you wonder, how? If this is your case, this interests you.

Get in touch with a company that is capable of solving the problem of tasks, transfers, times …, that is, that is capable of fulfilling all your wishes.


You need a system that:

  • Comply with current regulations

  • Improve productivity

  • Reduce administrative costs

  • Manage your work team in an efficient way

  • Reduce absenteeism

  • Be simple and easy to use

  • Manage all activity from anywhere with an internet connection

And if to all this you add that your workers do not have a company mobile phone in which to make their signings, mark their tasks … at Vigilant we have the solution to your problem: Easy Reader (NFC reader), an alternative to the mobile phone and allows keep track of the routes of the employees through the NFC tags placed on the different clients.

Easy reader – time control

It works this easy:

You, as the manager of the cleaning company, give each of your workers a reader and place a tag in each of the centers. The worker will simply have to bring the reader closer to the tag to clock both their entry and exit. At that moment, the Easy Reader sends, in real time, to the web platform the hours carried out organized by worker, day and work center. The system allows you to create a report and thus comply with current regulations. If any of the workers do not come to their workplace at the stipulated time, the system sends, also in real time, an email alerting that that client is not being attended to.

In addition to all these advantages and functionalities, the Easy Reader is easy to use, robust and resistant to shocks and water.

control horario - empresa limpieza - solución - lector easy - lector nfc - vigilant

With this, we are sure that you will be able to meet your objectives. You will be able to dedicate your time to attracting new clients, growing your company and not losing your reputation.

Remember that if you have displaced workers who do not pass through the office and do not have a company mobile, Vigilant has the solution: