Step by Step at VIGILANT – Presence and Time Control we have been manufacturing our own equipment continuously since 1994. Mainly with national suppliers, and many of them in the province of Alicante.

With the entry into force of digitization that requires keeping track of hours worked by employees, companies need tools that facilitate this work.

With our BIOMETRIC CLOCKING TERMINAL, you will be able to:

  • Register the transfers of workers
  • Assign schedules and modify them
  • It facilitates a possible labor inspection and complements the company’s HR management.

A very practical and intuitive software, where our team works daily updating the needs of companies.

VIGILANT – Time and Attendance Control

Sign in from mobile phone

Your company’s staff will be able to sign in from their mobile phone, wherever they are. Entering the credentials that we have provided and it will automatically take the GPS position to know the exact point of the signing.

Sign in from any computer

From any computer you will have access to the web portal to view and manage what is happening in your company at all times.

Centralized filing

Choose a place in the workplace. Place our Biometric Clocking Terminal. All your employees will be able to sign in digitally and you will instantly receive the signing made.