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The chip crisis

A fierce competition between the various manufacturers has accustomed us to a permanent evolution of the capabilities of the components. Increasingly powerful, with lower consumption and at a lower price. This has allowed us to implement technologies that allow us, among other things, to connect devices wirelessly, provide computing capacity and artificial intelligence to machines, effectively manage the electric motors of vehicles, efficiently use low-consumption LED lighting, and many more things. But suddenly, the basis of this market and the availability of these components globally at low prices has disappeared.

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We keep innovating: planning and tasks app

There is nothing like being in control of everything. Especially if we talk about your company. A good leader has to be able to organize and plan the tasks of his employees and check that they meet the objectives set. A way to ensure that you are making the most of the human and material resources available to your company and thus achieve optimal productivity.

Easy reader, control and productivity

VIGILANT manufactures a new reader (Easy reader) that allows the presence control without the need of a smartphone (App). It is an IP66, rugged device, designed for the control of field / itinerant operatives. The reader does not need any kind of activation and it is sufficient to place the unit near to the identification point (NFC tag). Located in the place where we want the presence to be controled and the data is sent in real time to the VIGILANT platform.

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Easy reader, the comfort of having everything under control

What does an employee do when he is off-site? Does he fulfill his obligations? And with the times? And with the routes? These are questions that many bosses ask themselves. Some feel that their operators do not comply with their functions or with the schedule... It is an obvious problem. That's why all companies have to have time and attendance control. A perfect tool for the management, planning and control in real time of the employees, both those who work in the center itself and the people who are off-site. And one of the star products is, without a doubt, the Easy Reader.

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