There is nothing like being in control of everything. Especially if we talk about your company. A good leader has to be able to organize and plan the tasks of his employees and check that they meet the objectives set. A way to ensure that you are making the most of the human and material resources available to your company and thus achieve optimal productivity.

For this, it is essential to organize tasks efficiently:

  • Homework distributions. It is important to do it objectively and always taking into account the knowledge and motivations of your workers.
  • In order to increase the performance of your company, it is essential to be up-to-date in trends in your sector and to specialize.
  • Set start and end dates for tasks.
  • Coordinate all the departments involved in a task so that they work together and always towards the same goal.
  • Keep track of the tasks that are being carried out to check their status and if they are being done correctly.
  • Maintain constant communication with your employees.
  • Listen to the needs and identify both strengths and weaknesses and which can be improved.

If you want to control that your employees are productive taking into account all the previous points, you need this solution: planning and tasks app.

Vigilant – planning and tasks app

At Vigilant we continue to innovate and adapt to the different needs of companies like yours. For this reason, we improve our solutions and products in order to always offer you the best.

Our planning and tasks App, specially designed and created for the management, control and planning of the work schedule of displaced workers, has been renewed to offer new functionalities:

  • Possibility of selecting a photo from the gallery when taking a photo of either an incident or a job. Until now only photos could be taken with the camera at the moment. Now the employee has the ability to select images saved on the phone itself.
  • Total filtered tasks for the worker. The pending tasks of the worker could be filtered (by Date, Zone, Center or Type of work) but the total of tasks that complied with the filter was not calculated, now this number appears.
  • Vehicle Management. In the new version, vehicles can be registered and a label assigned to them so that when said label is read, a new menu appears to the worker in which they can record the start and end of journeys as well as the refueling carried out during the day. From the web platform you can generate a report with the daily activity of the vehicles where you can see both the kilometers traveled and the refueling that have been carried out.
  • Notification of the worker’s expenses. A new option has been added to the menus so that the worker can record the different expenses that he makes during the day (Materials, Food, Vehicle expenses, Parking, Tolls, etc). In this way, from the web platform, a report of the expenses that the workers have made can be generated and totalized.

Vigilant – App planificación y tareas

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