The registration and time control of the personnel is vital for a correct management of the employee. For this reason, many employers wonder how to maintain and guarantee the registration and control of attendance of employees during teleworking.

The pandemic forced us all to adapt to a new situation both at the personal and professional level of life. Many companies, forced by the new circumstance, adopted teleworking. A modality “totally” unknown to many. That is when many doubts and questions arose about how to control the working hours of employees.

For more than two years, companies, regardless of their size, have had the obligation to record the hours of their workers. From that moment, businesses not only have the obligation to sign in and out of their workers, overtime and rest, but they can also face penalties of between 625 and 6,250 euros for breach of the duty of control working hours of its workers.

The change of scenery does not prevent effectively managing the obligation to perform time control.

control horario - control de presencia . teletrabajo - vigilant
Time control – Vigilant

Faced with this situation, technology becomes the best existing ally to obtain the records.

At Vigilant we offer you the best solutions for the time control of your employees. You can choose the most convenient way according to your needs:

  • From a mobile using any of the available applications, the transfer will be received and it will be automatically controlled that it is in the indicated place. In addition, the worker will receive the notifications of when he must ‘leave’ and ‘enter’ again.
  • From a desktop or laptop computer, you can opt for simple access or controlling the specific workplace.
  • If operators / employees make a route, trust the EASY Reader, they will get presence without a phone wherever they go.

All online, paperless, with integrations to databases and ERP always in compliance with the regulations and regulations in the registration of the working day.