The surveillance of security personnel on foot is essential for large companies, warehouses, urbanizations … And as a company manager you need and want to control your workers accurately and reliably.

For this you need a system that allows you to organize, supervise and monitor tasks easily, but above all, efficiently. The objective is to have under control the route of your workers, to know the exact date, place and time of the round and to verify that the tasks that have been marked have been carried out. Why? Because you are very concerned that there are areas that are not passed, either due to carelessness, negligence or for any other reason.

For this and for much more you need a control of rounds. A rounds control system that generates patterns, configures any specific features you need, and creates comprehensive reports and work reports that you can later archive. And, in the event of any anomaly or incident, the platform notify them.

Professional Vigilant App – Rounds Control

If you want to keep track and check that your employees comply with the tasks, at the established time and date, the route … Vigilant’s patrol control systems are the most appropriate choice.

The professional Vigilant App is ideal for a complete management of operators. The App works through NFC technology and sends the information in real time to the web platform automatically. The operator only has to bring the NFC mobile closer to the labels placed on the different clients to make the markings, in addition, it allows the management of incidents with a photo, the employee’s gps route, work reports, service planning, generates alarms for breaches of the same and much more.

  • Route / round control
  • SOS button
  • Incident management with photos
  • Access to the client file
  • Employee GPS path
  • Service planning
  • Reports in PDF and Excel
  • Work reports with the employee’s digital signature
  • Non-compliance alarms