The event held by the Chamber of Commerce, our company has been distinguished with the award for Internationalization during the Night of the Alicante Economy.

This award highlights Vigilant’s performance in the international arena, recognizing our export dynamism, commercial network abroad, opening of new markets, investments for export, and the creation of our own brands and designs.

Our mission has always been to help companies improve the management of their displaced resources through technological tools that provide reliable and immediate information on their location and activity.

Our company, headquartered in Benidorm, began its journey in 1994 as a project undertaken by two amateur radio friends, Manuel Ciges and Luis Fernández, in a garage, within the purest style of prestigious multinationals.

It started in the market of control of guard tours, transmitting the data through radio waves. Later on, the company opened up to new markets with the crucial incorporation of Carlos Benito where data collection and control of the tasks of displaced employees was crucial.

Over the years, the company has evolved and diversified its services, standing out in the control of tasks of displaced employees, especially in sectors such as surveillance, cleaning, facilities and collective catering.

From Benidorm, we manufacture the hardware for time and attendance control, as well as the development of all the applications and we implement them both in the Spanish market and in Europe and Latin America.

We have already developed several generations of clocking and presence control point sensors over the past 30 years. Our latest launch, a next-generation clocking machine with IoT technology, represents a significant advance by allowing connection to the mobile network and sending data in real time through a web platform, without requiring additional computing resources from the customer.

We have different apps, for different sectors and types of work, but the big difference lies in our “easy reader”, a simple replacement for the mobile phone, which allows the reading of NFC checkpoints, where it is not possible to have a phone for the displaced employee.

The specialization in the control of attendance and tasks of displaced employees covers key vertical markets, where precision in the management of presence, time and quality of services is essential.

Vigilant not only stands out for its technological solutions, but also for its commitment to innovation. Research, development and innovation (R+D+i) are key elements in the procedures. On a weekly basis, the company listens to market demands, adapts its solutions and proposes customer-oriented improvements. This proactive approach has been instrumental in keeping us ahead of the curve in an ever-evolving industry.

It is vital that today SMEs and large companies have digital processes that allow them to have the key data for improved decision-making and, therefore, provide a better service to their customers.

In a continuous process of growth

The company is in a continuous process of growth, with the clear objective of professionalizing resources, expanding its international presence and establishing strategic alliances with software companies and human resources tools. Our vision for the coming year includes expansion into new countries, thus consolidating our position as a benchmark in the international arena.

The distinction at the Alicante Economy Night confirms the dedication and excellence of Radiobit Sistemas, operating under the Vigilant brand, in the field of internationalization. A recognition that highlights the contribution to economic and technological development, reaffirming the commitment to continuous improvement and the global expansion of innovative solutions.