One element that distinguishes companies that work from those that work very well is the efficient and intelligent management of their resources, both human and material. In order to manage human resources with a high probability of success in a company, it is necessary to measure different aspects such as productivity, compliance with schedules, planning tasks… To facilitate this task, companies have opted for a presence control system, a tool that allows you to control the hours worked and manage and plan the work of employees.

Biometric Clocking terminal

Especially suitable for controlling the presence of operators in a workplace (offices, schools, factories, etc.). The identification of the operator can be done by means of FINGERPRINT or NFC.

Sending information online via built-in GPRS SIM

  • Easy installation: plug and play

  • Time and presence control in real time

  • Identification with fingerprint or NFC card

  • Registration of fingerprints remotely or on site with a master card

  • View report in the cloud

  • Sending direct and immediate data by GPRS, to the web and PC

  • Management of detailed reports by operators and clients

fichador biométrico vigilant - control horario
Simple operation

The biometric clocking terminal incorporates a sim that sends the information of all the records in real time to the web platform without the need for installation or configuration. As simple as plug and play. The same recorder connects to the mobile network and autonomously sends the information on the presence of each worker.

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