You have a cleaning company and you want and need to have greater control over clients, manage possible incidents that may arise in a productive way, dedicate your time to attracting new clients, improve productivity, reduce costs, increase the benefits of your business… but also have control of the hours that your displaced operators perform and whether or not they comply with the established tasks.

At Vigilant we have what you need: Easy Reader, the alternative to the mobile phone

Easy Reader

As the manager of the cleaning company, give each of your workers a reader and place a tag in each of the centers. The worker will simply have to bring the reader closer to the tag to clock in and out. At that moment, the Easy Reader sends, in real time, to the web platform the hours worked organized by worker, day and work center. The system allows you to create a report and thus comply with current regulations. If any of the workers does not come to their work center at the stipulated time, the system sends, also in real time, an alert email that that customer is not being attended to.

In addition to all these advantages and functionalities, the Easy Reader is easy to use, robust and resistant to shocks and water.

Easy Reader Features
  • Automatic sending of information
  • Presence control with NFC
  • Management of incidents
  • Beginnings and end of service
  • service planning
  • Alarms for non-compliance
  • Reports in PDF and Excel

Enrique, manager of a cleaning company, explains it better. press play