From the attendance control of all the staff to the reports related to non-conformities, quality controls in the kitchen or information on the number of diners… Everything can be automated with our Vigilant digital system: a definitive tool for decision-making and a definitive breakthrough for the transformation of companies.

We live in a competitive market, sometimes uncertain, fast… changing. This critically conditions decision-making in an environment of continuous assessment. The social and collective catering sector  requires, in all its services, exhaustive processes and controls for the fulfilment of the contract with the end customer, diners and the corresponding administration.

Those responsible for each operation know very well that the quality of the provision of a service depends on each control, each report. And there are many controls that clients ask for in their awards, especially the public administration. Carrying out all this management ‘on paper’ is nowadays a negative aspect when it comes to tendering, but also, because of the loss of time it means for the staff, for the security of the information and for the management of processes in general. All of these processes need to be automated.

Digitizing all these controls brings a series of immediate benefits in day-to-day management and profitability, as well as others related to the evaluation of the service by end customers. Any professional who is in charge of an operation knows that reports on non-conformities, temperature controls of the chambers, periodic cleaning controls, face-to-face control and time registration of staff or reports on diners, as well as many others related to the menus themselves and the quality of the service in general, are constantly needed.

Having a tool for time and attendance control, planning control and task execution provides, among others, the following benefits:

  1. Organization of activities.

    The planning, in an application, of the tasks of each displaced employee, shows in real time which people are or are not doing the marked work, alerts in the event of any absence and the possibility of immediately covering a service.

  2. Real-time certainty.

    Eliminating paper, in addition to reducing costs, ensures that data is available in real time; This allows immediate decisions to be made, based on facts or later thanks to the information collected.

  3. System integration.

    Through the Webservice API, all the information collected is integrated into the ERP for further processing.

  4. Security and quality of what has been agreed.

    Thanks to this system, end customers will have reliable evidence that what is agreed is done in a timely manner, thus increasing the credibility and quality of the service.

In short, the automation of all processes through the system offered by Vigilant is a definitive advance for the transformation of companies and effective decision-making.