Time tracking is a record of the hours worked by a company’s employees. This record is important to comply with labor regulations and ensure that workers are paid accordingly for the hours worked. There are different options for time tracking, such as manual or digital systems. Digital systems, such as time tracking apps, are becoming increasingly popular due to their ease of use and efficiency. The new labor regulations in Spain require companies to keep a daily record of the working hours of their workers, including entry and exit times, and rest time. Failure to comply with these regulations may result in financial penalties for the company

Benefits of Time Tracking for Companies

Time tracking for workers can offer several benefits for businesses.

  • It helps to comply with labor regulations, which avoids potential financial penalties.
  • It can reduce absenteeism from work, as employees are more aware of their work time and the importance of sticking to their schedule.
  • It can improve productivity as it allows businesses to identify areas for improvement and optimize work processes.
  • You can reduce administrative tasks as registrations are done in an automated manner. F
  • Time tracking can make it easier to pay for time worked, which improves the relationship between the company and employees

Benefits of Time Tracking for Workers

Time tracking can also have benefits for workers.

  • It can ensure that employees are paid accordingly for hours worked, which can improve their job satisfaction.
  • It can prevent labor abuse and unpaid overtime, which can improve the relationship between the company and employees.
  • It can improve business organization and work environment, which can increase employee satisfaction.

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What are the consequences of non-compliance with the obligation to control working hours?

Failure to comply with the obligation to control hours can result in fines for companies. The new labor regulations in Spain require companies to keep a daily record of the working hours of their workers, including entry and exit times, and rest time. In the first six months of the law’s entry into force, 20% of the companies inspected were fined for irregularities related exclusively to this regulation. Fines can vary depending on the severity of the offence and can range from €626 to €6,250. In addition to fines, non-compliance with labor regulations can have a negative impact on the company’s reputation and relationship with employees

How can time tracking be done digitally?

There are several options to perform time control digitally, whether it is a time tracking application, which allows employees to record their hours worked from any device with internet access; or digital time tracking system, which can include artificial intelligence technology and allow centralized management of hours worked by employees.

In addition, digital time tracking can increase employee motivation, as employees can check working time and working hours. It can also reduce administrative tasks as logins are done in an automated way.


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