To this day, most collective companies continue to manage the worker’s record on paper, which all implies:

  • Bad computation of hours of entry and exit for each employee by adding manually.
  • Many hours allocated to the administrative level to balance the total hours of each worker.
  • Large amount of stored paper and inefficiency in management since in practice there are many human errors that cause imbalances in hours, which means that they are constantly modifying the settlements and of course paying for extra hours.

At Vigilant, with the aim of helping catering companies, we have developed an attendance control system that allows workers to easily record their hours of attendance upon arrival and departure from each centre.

Biometric Clocking terminal

Biometric Clocking terminal, incorporates a sim that sends the information of all transfers in real time to the web platform without the need for installation or configuration. As simple as plug and play. The same recorder connects to the mobile network and autonomously sends the information on the presence of each worker

fichador biométrico vigilant - control horario

Why the Vigilant Biometric Clocking terminal for community companies?
  • Registration of working hours by fingerprint or NFC card
  • Easy installation: plug and play
  • User service and technical support
  • Check the staff signings in real time on the web platform.
  • state-of-the-art sensor
  • Complies with current regulations on Data Protection and Information Security
  • Keeps the records for 4 years guarded in the data center
  • Alarms for breach of schedule
  • Configurable with all kinds of schedules and circumstances of time flexibility.
  • holidays calendar
  • Scheduling work shifts
  • Review of requests for vacations, permits and absences submitted by employees, being able to authorize, reject or request that they provide the necessary supporting documents.
  • Automatic backup management
  • useful tool for business decision making
  • Different types of corporate reports, according to the needs of the company.
  • control in real time
  • allows you to send various types of reports (by date, centers, operators, etc.) in Excel or PDF format


With the VIGILANT FICHADOR APP, catering companies can keep full control in real time of the hours worked by each employee through a mobile device. This application allows its users to have employees register with a fingerprint or a magnetic card, as well as a proximity card. This will allow them to control the entry and exit of employees more efficiently. The software also offers users a variety of detailed reports on the hours worked by each employee, making it much easier to track and manage work schedules.

Benefits APP VIGILANT FICHADOR for catering companies
  • Guarantees compliance with the limits of the working day.
  • Overtime is regularized and controlled, avoiding paying overtime that has not been performed.
  • Work absenteeism control: easily record working hours, permits and work absenteeism
  • Improved work experience and productivity.
  • Optimization of the efficiency and productivity of the company, control reports of the service performed.
  • Digital transformation in the company
  • Savings in administrative time.
  • Reduction of expenses due to the elimination of the use of paper.
  • Savings in space dedicated to archiving physical documents: digitizing documents means that everything is archived in the cloud.
  • Secure storage of employee work records in the cloud.
  • Visualization of information in real time.
  • Remote access for productivity control.
  • Greater control and management of the company.
  • Access to employee information from any device.
  • Greater security, avoiding unauthorized entry and labor fraud.
  • Process automation.
  • Greater quality control.

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