It is well known that, in the services provided to third parties, the management of available posted personnel is essential to improve the quality of the service and its profitability.

Human Resources are a fundamental part of this type of service, the most complex to locate, and the most necessary thing is to know the result of their service provision, seeking compliance and quality without breaking costs.

Time control of cleaning services

Time control of cleaning services is essential to ensure efficiency, transparency and quality in the provision of these services.

How to carry out effective time control?

  • Implement a time tracking system, either using time tracking systems (NFC cards, mobile applications dedicated to time tracking, etc.) or with biometric registration (fingerprints or facial recognition)
  • Establish defined schedules for cleaning staff.
  • Real-time monitoring, using systems that enable real-time monitoring (such as apps or software) that automatically update timesheets and facilitate communication to address any issues or changes in schedules.
  • Detailed recording of tasks.
  • Task management system, using task management platforms to assign and track cleaning responsibilities.

Therefore, you need a system that complies with current regulations, improves productivity, reduces administrative costs, manages your work team efficiently, reduces absenteeism, is simple and easy to handle and manages all the activity from anywhere with an internet connection.

Vigilant – Easy Reader

VIGILANT, in its continuous desire to research and improve solutions, now offers its customers the

, an alternative to the mobile phone and allows you to keep track of the routes of employees through the NFC tags placed on the different customers.

The manager of the cleaning company gives each of your workers a reader and places a tag in each of the centers. The worker will simply have to bring the reader close to the tag to clock in and out. At that moment, the Easy Reader sends, in real time, to the web platform the hours worked organized by worker, day and work center. The system allows you to create a report and thus comply with current regulations. If any of the workers does not come to their workplace at the stipulated time, the system sends, also in real time, an alert email that the customer is not being served.

In addition to all these advantages and functionalities, the Easy Reader is easy to use, robust and resistant to shocks and water.