Everybody clock in! 

To implement a record of working hours. This is the obligation that all companies would have to comply with if the Government finally approves the draft. And all with the aim of preventing unpaid overtime from covering full days, controlling absenteeism and thus ensuring quality jobs.

With the labor reform being prepared by the Government, the Workers Statute would recognize as the basic labor right of each job “to know the duration and distribution of their ordinary workday, as well as their working hours.The intention would be to modify four of its articles (4, 12, 34 and 35) and one of the Law on Violations and Sanctions in the Social Order.

What are the companies’ concerns?

In view of this reform, companies have some questions about how they should deal with these changes, and even more so if the workers are displaced.

  • How can I record the working day of a salesperson I have in another city?

With the PERSONAL VIGILANT APP installed on the operator’s mobile phone, the operator can record the working day manually at the beginning and end of his working day, also recording the GPS coordinates of where they make the markings.

  • How can I record the working day of a group of workers who go to a school or town hall to clean?

Installing our BIOMETRIC FILTER M2M in the centre. Operators will be able to clock in using a fingerprint or RFID card and the clocker will send the information in real time to a web platform. It also allows the configuration of shifts and warns you of any delay or absence of operators.

  • How can I record the workday of an operator who starts in the office but ends his workday outside?

In the office we would install the BIOMETRIC FILTER M2M to register the arrival at the office and once you finish your day out, you can register the departure using our application  PERSONAL VIGILANT APP installed on your mobile phone. Both systems are integrated and the system will calculate the total number of hours performed.

  • How can I record the working day of operators who are en route and do not stop by the office?

We have several solutions, with mobile phone you could use the  VIGILANT PROFESSIONAL APP , the  VIGILANT TASKS APP OR the VIGILANT PERSONAL APP and if the operators do not have a company mobile phone, with the EASY READER, whatever system they use, will send the information in real time to the web platform.

  • How can I keep track of the tasks that my maintenance operators have to carry out?

Through the VIGILANT TASKS APP, you can program and monitor the tasks they have to perform daily and manage the parts of work in a very simple way customizing the part and filling it from the app through chek list. You can also know the GPS route made by the operator and many other things.

  • How can I record the day of a group of operators that my supervisor receives services in an event and can not install anything?

In the supervisor’s mobile we can install our VIGILANT BADGE READER APP, each operator would be given an NFC card to be punched approaching the card to the mobile phone of the supervisor through our app, both the entry and exit thus recording the entire working day.

  • How can I get reports of the total number of hours worked by my workers?

All our systems are connected to the cloud and through the web platform you can get multiple reports depending on the needs you have, total hours worked by operator, by date, by customer, etc..

  • My client needs to know in real time who is inside his factory and how much time has been worked. What are the options?

Configuring a private and exclusive access of the client to the application where previously the agreed information is given visibility.

  • I have a client with many offices throughout the peninsula, which requires a control of presence and hours worked. The services are done only once a week and the operators do not perform any more services. How can I do it?

Using the customer’s telephone. When you enter and leave you make a call that will be registered on the Web, also the system will warn you if they are late or have not come. This formula has the commercial name of ‘Active Security’.

  • My clients are communities and the assigned operators have a work contract of ½ working day. As I can have time control, signature or similar without having to show up at the office, also the operators do not have mobile phones.

Vigilant manufactures a specific device that performs the operations of ‘signing’, is called ‘EASY’, small, robust, economical and very simple to use, you only have to bring the reader to the point of contact.


Implementing a punching system seems to be going to stop being a right of the company and to become an obligation. In this way, the processes for both the company and the workers will be improved.

Many large companies already have a time control system in place. But others, especially small and medium-sized ones, do not. They are reluctant to do so. But surely it is because they do not know the benefits of having this type of system:

  • It helps the company to know the discipline of the employees: to check if they comply and respect the established schedules and to fight against absenteeism.
  • Accurate recording of hours worked
  • Measure the profitability of each task, project… and the productivity of each employee.

At Vigilant we propose you three solutions to comply with the new regulations, but above all to improve the results of your company:

BIOMETRIC CLOCKING TERMINAL to control the time and attendance of operators in a work centre. The identification can be done by fingerprint or RDIF card.


EASY READER for the control of operators with functions and tasks not confined to the workplace. It is an alternative to the mobile and allows the exact control of the route of the workers off-site by means of NFC labels placed in the different clients.


APP VIGILANT PERSONAL designed for operators who are off-site and do not stop by the office (salesmen, technicians, installers…). With a very low consumption of data, it allows to install the app in the personal mobile of each worker.


Be cautious. Don’t leave everything for the last minute and install a time control in your company before the new law comes into force.