VIGILANT manufactures a new reader (Easy reader) that allows the presence control without the need of a smartphone (App). It is an IP66, rugged device, designed for the control of field / itinerant operatives. The reader does not need any kind of activation and it is sufficient to place the unit near to the identification point (NFC tag). Located in the place where we want the presence to be controled and the data is sent in real time to the VIGILANT platform. This way, the companies having field / itinerant operatives (like security and cleaning personnel, maids, room service waiters and waitresses, gardeners, maintenance operators, etc.) enjoy an extremely cost-effective on-line presence control system without the need of costly smartphones with the associated lines and data packages.

Through the web based platform users can obtain reports including total of hours worked for each operative. Total of hours spent in commuting between places and alarms for services not covered. The EASY reader, besides allowing the users to have full a time and attendance control over the field operatives, will dramatically improve the efficiency of your employees and assets, lowering operating costs, etc., whilst at same time offering a better and innovative service to the client. NFC technology grants a simple and user friendly operation that anyone can handle.

EASY READER - Presence Control through NFC - Services Planning - Vigilant

After 25 years of manufacturing and offering presence control systems, VIGILANT keeps its aim to offer global solutions to the companies, bringing to them several types of presence control systems to cover all types of needs and helping them to improve control and productivity.