Vicente is the manager of the social health services and home care company “Nos importas”. Some time ago he contacted Vigilant to install his presence and task control system with NFC, the EASY reader.  

“Nos importas” he placed an NFC control point on each of his users and distributed the Easy Reader to each assistant. From that moment on, the assistants record the time of entry and exit from their work stations, bringing the reader closer to the control point. The same reader informs in the amounts in real time that its users are being taken care of correctly. It also allows you to keep a record of the working hours of your assistants, get reports in PDF or Excel, plan services and receive alarms in the event that an assistant is not at their job at the indicated time. In addition, the system allows them to keep track of the tasks performed by the assistants during the service, recording them by reading the NFC tags placed: at what time has the food been served to the user, when it has been prepared for the shower or when it has left to sleep.

Everything is registered in the system and “Nos importas” can send a report to its user detailing what and when the different scheduled tasks have been carried out. This allows you to guarantee a quality service to your users and improve the productivity of your company. Thanks to Vigilant, “Nos importas” has full control of your business.

Home assistance – Vigilant

Companies want and need to plan tasks, have control of attendance and attendance tasks, immediate and orderly information, manage incidents quickly, easily and efficiently and be able to generate reports to the employer and family members.

At  Vigilant we help companies to improve the management of their posted workers through technological tools that provide reliable and immediate information on their location and activity.


The Easy reader is an alternative to the mobile phone and allows you to control the routes of the employees by means of the NFC tags placed on the different clients or places to be controlled.

As simple as bringing the reader closer to the NFC tag to carry out the marking, the reader sends the information of all the transfers in real time to the web platform automatically, allows the planning of services and routes and generates alarms for non-compliance with the themselves.


Especially suitable for the management, control and planning of the work schedule of displaced workers. Ideal for supervision, quality and processes because checklists are scheduled and performed online, sending information in real time to the cloud. It replaces the paper, making all kinds of forms and checklists from the mobile in real time, with sending incidents, receipt of Acudas, digital signature, photographs and GPS position. When reading the NFC Tag, the operator visualizes the pending scheduled tasks, with e-mail notifications in case they are not carried out.

  • Simple registration of the day through the APP or EASY
  • Online information (immediacy and geolocation)
  • Task Compliance
  • EASY, low cost terminal
  • Storage and custody of the records for 4 years, as required by law.
  • Information available to family members
  • Fulfillment of the obligations of registration of the working day
  • Reports detailing hours for part-time or overtime workers

Home assistance - Vigilant

Vigilant, easy time & attendance for field operatives