How can I justify to my client the hours worked by my employees?

There are many ways to control the hours worked by employees at the customer’s home. It depends a lot on the type of work and the number of employers and workplaces.

We cover all options, but ideally we should know the real needs. For example:

1) Biometric reader with GPRS connectivity. When there are many operators who come to a few work centers. As it is GPRS can even be installed in vehicles, controlling for example the collection of personnel with bus routes.

We also have it as an App. So that an Android terminal with NFC that carries a person in charge, becomes a badge reader where

employees register with an NFC Tag that they carry with them

2) App for Android NFC in the employee’s terminal. That makes records on fixed NFC Tags in the workplaces. It is also possible to use only GPS positions.

There is also a variant such as task control, which uses the power of the terminal interface to manage tasks that can give solutions to quality control, maintenance and management of all kinds.

3) Autonomous reader with GPRS connectivity reading IButton Tags. It is a robust device designed for rounds control applications in security companies mainly

4) The new reader we are developing right now. Also autonomous and with GPRS connectivity reading NFC Tags. With a discounted price and oriented to simplicity. Applicable especially where they handle large numbers of workers in low-skilled tasks, such as the sector of cleaning companies.