July and August are the holiday months par excellence. Most companies and workers during these two months enjoy a few well-deserved days of rest.

Article 38 of the Workers’ Statute stipulates that annual leave may never be less than 30 calendar days and shall be taken in accordance with the convention. 

If during the year it is essential that companies take time control and the management and planning of tasks, in summer it is even more so. 

For two years, the registration of the working day is mandatory in our country. Therefore, most companies have opted for a time control system.

In the market there are numerous programs designed to streamline the management of a company. Software that allows you to keep track of the hours worked by employees.


  • Flexible and adaptable solutions to all types of companies
  • Many of the programs allow to assign to each worker to be assigned their corresponding task.
  • You can modify shifts, validate vacations, days off…

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Time Control – Vigilant

The main need for companies is to know when and where their workers join their normal working hours. Or control the number of hours they do.

Vigilant offers you an agile management solution, with a powerful platform developed over the years by our technical and IT department for the complete management of the time control of your company, also providing an interesting solution for the human resources department.

With our time controlservice, you will be able to be informed at the moment of everything. Breaches of working hours, who is late for work, who is on vacation … all without the need to be present.

Adjust your company to what the workers’ statute orders without difficulty. Our systems do not require any complex installation and allow this control to be carried out reliably. Even from displaced workers.

Time control benefits

Thorough and complex processes, studied down to the smallest detail to provide easy solutions to customers

  • Plug and Play: No Installation Required
  • Easy to use: immediate check-in
  • Scalable: With technical support included.
  • Multi-device: From your tablet, computer, mobile …

The best solutions for TIME CONTROL, whatever the needs of your company, we have the solution.