If your workers usually arrive late, if they take more time than what is stipulated for breakfast, for lunch … If they make personal arrangements during working hours, If they leave early … we have the solution!

These situations in a timely manner are not going to give you a problem, but it is convenient to control them.

Manage all of this, can be difficult.

But, fortunately, the technology advances and any company can install our presence control system.

The system will allow to control the time in which an employee is working.

Thanks to our presence control system, your company will have at your disposal valuable information about the hours worked, delays, planning of tasks, absences, vacations … which will increase the competitiveness of employees and of your own company.

If you have a company, you are required to keep track the hours of your employers.

An obligation marked by the Law.

Our system wants helps to improve the productivity of your team is beneficial in the medium and long term for your organization.

Presence control – Easy Reader

Vigilant offers an innovative and unique product in the market

The Easy Reader device

● NFC reader
● No mobile phone required
● Forget the paper
● Reduce the waste of time managing this activity.
● You are going to know where your workers are.
● You will know how many hours they are working and if they are been productive and competent.

his operation is simple.

Simply bring the reader closer to the NFC tag, the reader sends the information to the web platform automatically.

Easy Reader device, enjoy having all under your control.

If you are thinking of implementing a presence control for your employees, do not hesitate to ask for information.