What does an employee do when he is off-site? Does he fulfill his obligations? And with the times? And with the routes? These are questions that many bosses ask themselves. Some feel that their operators do not comply with their functions or with the schedule… It is an obvious problem. That’s why all companies have to have time and attendance control. A perfect tool for the management, planning and control in real time of the employees, both those who work in the center itself and the people who are off-site. And one of the star products is, without a doubt, the Easy Reader.


 The Easy Reader is an alternative to the mobile phone and allows to control the routes of employees through NFC labels placed on different customers.

The use is simple. It is as simple as bringing the reader closer to the NFC label to carry out the marking. At that moment and automatically, the reader sends the information of all the transfers in real time to the web platform. This allows the planning of services, routes and generates alarms for non-compliance with them.

LECTOR EASY - Control de operarios - Vigilant

 NFC Technology

They are designed to meet the needs of multiple sectors and services.  It is usually integrated in mobile devices. But Vigilant has integrated this technology into the Easy Reader. Something unique.

It can send and capture data in real time. It is proof of guarantee that a worker has visited a certain place without the need for a customer signature and without the need to use a mobile phone.

The Easy Reader is one of the best products on the market, as it integrates all these features and allows companies to keep total control of off-site operators.

Automatic sending of informationPresence control with NFC

  • Incident management
  • Beginnings and end of service
  • Service Planning
  • Non-compliance alarms
  • Reports in PDF and Excel 

If you need control, think about Vigilant and bet on our star product: the Easy Reader.