It may look at first sight, like facial biometric recognition is a futuristic technology. And always typical from Science Fiction films. But this is not the real state of the art for this technology and it is nowadays widely used and spread around

Daily routines, like unlocking your Iphone just by watching at it, or making a picture in selfie mode, all use facial biometric recognition technology and may be even you was not aware of that. Also when using Facebook or Google to search in your photo album and then search for pictures which spot yourself, the algorithms of facial biometric recognition are working for you. Did you ever played with the face filters of Snapchat or Instagram social networks? …. using facial recognition can make a great laught time there. Another example, when you contract an online service from a Bank, in order to validate all the documents they compare your Identity Card picture with your picture just captured from your smartphone. Biometric facial recognition technology is then used to certify that you are really the person signing the contract for those bank services

So there is a great application field in banks, access to electronic devices, security and even leisure time, but it is plenty of other uses. Let’s check if we really know what is biometric facial recognition really is

So, what “biometric facial recognition” states for?

Facial recognition is a tool for personal identification which uses biometric parameters to certify the identity of any human fellow. Is a way to identify people were unique physical features of their face are measured and evaluated. This features are extracted from the bidimensional and tridimensional images of the person’s face under scan. Then this features are matched with a database of already enrolled (previously registered) people face features. If the person was previously enrolled and his face features are in the database, the matching will happen, identifiying who is this person

Facial recognition applications

One of the main areas were this technology is taking off is security. It is widely used by many countries in their police and military corps. The terrorist threat made the technology to be adopted and deployed in sensible infrastructures like airports, harbours, power plants, goberment facilities, etc 

For online access services it has been a great advantage. Checking the customer identity in an easy and convenient way is a tremendous improvement to all this business which need a verified customer identity, like online bank, medical assistance and many others.

Facial recognition - Vigilant Control System

Vigilant Control System

We are always looking for improvements in our Suit of Time&Attendance solutions and tools. At Vigilant we do not consider adopting a new technology “just because it looks fancy”, but because it makes really an advantage for our customers and it is already a mature and reliable technology

So, we are working to make our platform compatible with some of the best biometric facial recognition devices in the market. That will provide our customers with many new features and advantages, like:

  • Biometric Identification (No need to carry a device or tag to be identified)
  • Hygienic  (No need physical contact with any device to be identified)
  • Non intrusive
  • No PIN or password needed
  • Fast

Do not hesitate to contact Vigilant if you need more information