Most companies have had to adapt to many changes in a short time. For just over a year, the time control of employees, or what is known as signing at work, has been mandatory in Spain since May 2019. This is stated by the BOE and since March 2019 companies had two months to adapt to this new measure and implement the time control record.

To comply with this measure, companies had to:

  • Force to record the start and end time of the day
  • Store the records for four years.
  • Allow access to the records to both workers, legal representatives and the Labor and Social Security inspectorate.

When companies had already adapted to these new measures and had taken the right “pace”, the health crisis arrived … Once again, companies had to adapt to this totally exceptional new situation. Many opted for teleworking, a pending issue in Spain so far. Some data indicate that at the beginning of the year only 5% of companies offered their employees the possibility of working from home. Now, that% has grown and is even around 40%.

This new situation has made time control essential today, since the business model has changed. To find out if workers carry out their function, if they are productive, control sick leave, vacations … there are time control software that can help the employer to manage all these issues.

Time control software

The time control software allows you to have all the information in one place: know if a worker is on vacation, leave, to organize templates, know which workers perform more and who less… That is, to manage the company in an optimal way.

The use of time control software has multiple advantages:

  • Possibility of statistical reports.
  • Better resource management for the Human Resources team, more direct and without errors.

    Organization and control of tasks


    Time control: start and end of the working day.


    Improve productivity.


The main need for companies is to know when and where their workers join their normal working hours. Or control the number of hours they do.

Vigilant offers companies an agile management solution, with a powerful platform developed over the years by our technical and IT department for the complete management of company time control, also providing an interesting solution for the human resources department.

With our time control service, companies will be able to be informed at the moment of everything. Breaches of working hours, of those who are late for work … all without the need to be present.

Adjust your company to what the workers’ statute orders without difficulty. Our systems do not require any complex installation and allow this control to be carried out reliably. Even from displaced workers.